How to Get Mama’s Sleep Schedule Under Control

Posted May 7th, 2013 by Lullabelly


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One of the first tasks a new mom must tackle is to get baby’s sleep schedule on the right track.  While at first it can be a little wonky, eventually baby will settle down into a nice routine.

However, according to a study from Rush University Medical Center, 67% of new moms report experiencing issues with their own sleep habits within the first year of their baby’s life.

I guess this isn’t so shocking considering that a new mom is getting up multiple times a night for feedings or to assist her waking baby during the first year (or beyond) of motherhood. All this “up in the middle of the night” business can throw a wrench in a mom’s sleeping patterns.

Before you turn to drastic measures to get your nightly Z’s back, here are some tips to put into practice for a more peaceful night’s sleep:

Walk Away from the Phone: While it may be tempting to check your email or Facebook just once more before bed, you’re better off powering it down and saving it for tomorrow. You’ll avoid stimulating your mind while you should be zoning out and the light that phones and tablets emit can disrupt melatonin – sleep hormone – production.

Implement a Routine: Baby gets a bath, stories and a song every night before bed, so what’s Mom’s bedtime routine like? Pick a nighttime ritual for yourself and stick to it so you train your body that bedtime is near!

Quit the Caffeine: If you are too wound up before bed, ask yourself when was the last time you had a latte. You might want to stop drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages all together.

Too Bright: If your room is too bright, light is seeping in or the sunrise is waking you, install blackout blinds. They will keep your room nice and dark so you can get some much needed shut eye.

Hit the Gym: Studies show that exercise can regulate sleep patterns, but it’s hard for a new mother to cram gym time into her packed schedule. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with exercise, take baby along with you. A light jog, walk or even a mommy and me yoga session will keep you active and you won’t have to hire a babysitter.

Remember what works for putting baby to bed will probably help you when it comes to settling down for the night. Try a glass of warm milk, a book and a dark cozy room to help you drift off to dreamland.

Are You Getting Enough Shut-Eye?

Posted May 10th, 2011 by Lullabelly

Many moms will admit that they’ve never felt more tired than during their pregnancy. Growing a baby is hard work and puts your body into overdrive forming a fetus, pumping more blood and nurturing a new life.
It turns out getting enough sleep during your pregnancy is not only good for mom, but is vital to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. A recent study showed that women who got less than five hours of sleep a night are ten times as likely to develop preeclampsia than those that sleep 7-9 hours.
So how can you make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye? Here are some tips:
Get Comfortable: There’s nothing like a bulging belly to put your sleep habits on the edge, literally! Women who like to sleep on their bellies or backs are forced to sleep on their left sides. Try to make the experience as comfortable as possible by surrounding yourself with pillows that you can use to prop your legs and head comfortably. Cuddle a body pillow too, it really works.
Exercise: Studies have shown that individuals who exercise sleep better at night. Make sure you’re getting plenty of physical stimulation throughout the day so you can sleep like a baby before baby arrives! Take a long walk and enjoy listening to your favorite playlist. It’s good for the heart, mind and body.
De-Stress: Nothing can put the kibosh on your sleep more than stress. If your job is keeping you up at night, perhaps it’s time to talk about winding down or lightening your load. Your boss will understand and if s/he doesn’t, then it might be time to consider an early maternity leave.
Avoid Liquids: With a shrinking bladder to blame, many pregnant women feel they are up all night urinating. Yes, it happens and yes, it sucks! To ensure less potty-wakes, avoid drinking liquids after 7 p.m. at night. See if that frees up bladder space to allow you to get longer stretches of sleep.           
Talk to Your Doctor: Getting enough sleep is vital no matter if your pregnant or not. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what you can do to get enough shut-eye at night.
What other tips do you have to ensuring a good night’s rest?

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