Must-Have Maternity Clothes – Winter 2012

Posted November 27th, 2012 by Lullabelly


While the idea of wearing sweats for nine months doesn’t sound so bad, you will have to dress up from time to time during your pregnancy. Not only that, but getting dressed and looking cute will help boost your confidence on the days when you are feeling a little blue about your burgeoning belly.

Here are some classic pieces to bump up your maternity wardrobe this season:

Maternity Jeans – Oh my goodness maternity jeans are expensive! However, I promise you that you will wear them for the entire nine-months and then some as you work to get your body back. In other words, a great pair of maternity jeans is totally worth the splurge.

Scarf – A scarf, especially one with a cute print, is the perfect pregnancy accessory.  A scarf has no size limits either, so you’ll still wear it even after you’ve had your baby.

Tunics – Leggings are a staple in maternity style, so why not pair them with adorable tunics. Tunics are dressy enough to wear to the office or out on date-night (and roomy enough when you eat too much on date night).

Flowing Top – A flow-y top gives you room to breath and room to grow. Pair it with a cute blazer to dress it up.

Ruched Dress – With the holidays approaching, you’ll likely be attending a few festive parties and you’ll want to look smashing. Show off your bump in a ruched dress- which is very figure flattering.

With these few simple pieces, you’ll have the most stylish bump on the block.


Hey Lullabelly Bumps – It’s Bathing Suit Season

Posted June 5th, 2012 by Lullabelly


You’ve spent the last few months able to hide under your flowy maternity clothes, but now it’s time to strut that bump at the beach.

Take a cue from Miss Tori Spelling – preggo extraordinaire – and flaunt that belly this summer.

Bikini Bump: Who says your tummy needs to stay under cover? If you are comfortable baring your bump, then do it!  An adorable (and supportive) bikini top will accentuate “the girls.” Try choosing a bottom with a little ruffle, like this cute number from Ingrid & Isabel.

Halter-kini: The tankini was a great addition to the bathing suit style and with the halter-kini, you’ll add a bit of sportiness to your look.  Old Navy features a great halter-kini with a flattering V-neck and a snug fit that hits below the waist.

One Piece Style: The one piece is back!  Try a one piece with a print that helps minimize the look of your growing belly.  We love this polka dot number from Destination Maternity!

These fabulous suits prove that even pregnant gals can look HOT in Spandex!

Oh, and don’t forget to sport your Lullabelly musical belt while sipping virgin cocktails at the beach or pool this summer! I’m sure anything by Katy Perry or Carly Rae Jepson will get you in the summer swimwear mood!



The Perfect Bra for Your Pregnancy

Posted March 20th, 2012 by Lullabelly


It’s not just your waistline that expands during pregnancy. Your boobs get big too and can go up a couple of cup sizes while you are pregnant.

Wondering when it might be time to get a new bra? The Lullabelly team has broken down which bras we think are best for each month in your pregnancy.

Months 1 – 3
Your Normal Bra

Although your boobs will probably be sore and tender in those first few months, you’ll likely be able to get away with your regular bra. But don’t try to push it, if your cup runneth over – go up a size.

Months 4-6
A Cheap Big Bra

No need to invest yet in a maternity bra, but go up a back size and cup for extra comfort. Buy cheap here, this bra will only last a few months so don’t overspend. Consider going without an underwire too if your breasts are sore.

Months 7-9
Maternity Bra

Okay, go for it. It’s time to purchase the maternity bra, which will provide support. Two maternity bras on rotation should do the job.

Post Baby
Nursing Bra

If you are planning to breastfeed, a good nursing bra (or two) will come in very handy. Think comfort and easy access (the cups unhook and fold down so you can feed baby quickly). Don’t purchase an underwire bra which can put pressure on your breasts and cause discomfort.

Post Post Baby
Sexy Bra

Once your breasts have come back down to Earth, it’s time to invest again in a new bra because chances are, your boobs are a different shape and size than they were pre-baby. Make it sexy so the other person in your life (your significant other) can enjoy it too!

Bump Up Your Pregnant Holiday Wardrobe

Posted December 13th, 2011 by Lullabelly


In the Lullabelly blog’s last post, we told you how to sip on mocktails at holiday parties.  In this post, we’ll be dishing on what you should wear for the holidays so that your “bump” shines just like you.

Yes, maternity clothes are expensive and we know you hate to splurge on something you’ll only be able to wear just a handful of times.  But take it from us, wearing a cute outfit that flatters your bump will make you feel like a million bucks.

So what should be in your pregnancy holiday wardrobe?

  • A sparkling dress with an empire waist to flatter your bump.  Throw on some tights and your favorite pair of fancy shoes and you are ready to rock all night (well, at least until 9:30 P.M.). If you have a plain black dress, consider adding sparkling tights or a sparkling scarf to dress it up holiday style!
  • Basic black pants or black pencil skirt – both are great staples for the office holiday party or a nice evening out on the town. Pair with patent leather shoes to make a bigger splash.
  • A fun blouse or two – keep it classic and go with a beautiful red or black. Dress up basic black with chunky necklaces, sparkling scarves or a beautiful holiday broach.

Beg & Borrow. If you’re just not into purchasing some new pieces for such a specific time of year, or don’t have the budget, there are always alternatives to adding to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Friends. Ask your friends if they have any dressy maternity clothing they’d be willing to lend you – it doesn’t cost a thing! 

Rental Sites. There are also different websites popping up where you can rent maternity clothes.  This is perfect for not only the holidays, but if you have weddings or other special events to attend.  Check out or for selection and pricing!

Accessorize. Even a simple black t-shirt and cardigan can shine. Simply add a little bling, sparkly shoes and  “going-out” makeup and you’ll look and feel beautiful!

Remember, the holidays are a time to show off your bump and your pregnancy glow. Enjoy!

How to Dress Up Your Wardrobe During Your Last Trimester

Posted June 7th, 2011 by Lullabelly

You’re 8 months pregnant. Your belly is the size of Rhode Island (or so you feel that way). Your feet are so swollen the only comfortable shoes you can wear are your husband’s ugly Crocs. You feel bloated, sweaty and fatigued. It sounds to me like you’ve got the Third Trimester Blues!
Just because you feel frumpy, tired or fat, doesn’t mean the rest of the world sees you that way.  Plus, you are how you dress. If you want to feel flirty and fabulous, dress that way! 
Here are a few basic pieces that will help you stay fashionably fit through your last trimester:
Black Cardigan: A black cardigan is a staple piece in many women’s wardrobes. And the good news is an open cardigan looks good even if it doesn’t fit over your bulging belly. Pair a simple black cardigan with colorful tanks that stretch and look great on you.
Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: A fashionably tied scarf or oversized necklace can help you dress up a simple white jersey t-shirt – no problem. Plus, such accessories can become long-term pieces of your wardrobe, not just maternity wear. Wear scarves that add a touch of color to make your basic pieces pop!
Dress it Up: Dresses can be fabulous wardrobe staples for pregnant women, as they flow over your tummy without putting pressure on your mid-section like pants do. Look for empire-waist dresses that tie on top of your bump, or dresses that cinch below your belly. Dress up your dress with comfortable leggings for added warmth (if needed).
What maternity pieces could you not live without during your last trimester?

Yes Ladies, It’s Swimsuit-Buying Time!

Posted May 3rd, 2011 by Lullabelly

It’s that time of year when women flock to the mall to buy that dreaded-but-needed item: the swimsuit. If the thought of buying a swimsuit makes you quiver, than the thought of buying a maternity swimsuit surely will rock you to the core.
But you are in luck due to the fabulous maternity fashions designers are creating today. The styles will hopefully make you feel flirty and feminine, so you have (almost) nothing to worry about.
Here are some tips our team came up with to help you shop for that perfect maternity swimwear:
Go with a Tankini (or Halterkini): If you’re sensitive about your body (pregnant or not), and you want to cover up a bit, consider a tankini or halterkini suit. These suits are great because they cover you up but also allow for you to easily go to the bathroom without stripping down. Easy bathroom access is important when your bladder is being compromised by a growing uterus.
Look for Ruching (roo-shing): Ruching is when the fabric bunches and pleats at a certain spot. Full piece suits with ruching over the tummy give you room to grow and also cover up any spots you may be sensitive about, like a belly button that has popped.
Get Your Girls Supported: Pregnancy makes your breasts bulge and you’ll want to pick a suit that gives your heavy breasts the extra support they need. Many great maternity suits come with built-in shelf bras, which help ease the weight of your pregnancy boobs.
Get Stylish: Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy poolside. Look for suits in 2011’s colors and fabrics, which include a honeysuckle reddish pink that screams confidence or a floral print. (florals are a hot trend for this spring/summer)
Be Adjustable: Some suits offer adjustability to grow as your belly grows. Look for suits with ties vs. clasps (which may have limited adjustability). Also look for one that leaves you room to grow, especially if you’re buying the suit in your 5th month and will need it all summer long.
Use What You Got: If you don’t want to buy a new swimsuit and you’re not afraid of showing your bare belly, see if your bikini will work during the dog days of summer.
Pregnant or not, do you dread swimsuit shopping or love it? Why? Share your opinions below.

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