Sun Safety During Pregnancy

Posted July 23rd, 2013 by Lullabelly



If you’re the type of mama that is bringing your bump to the beach this summer, be sure to practice sun safety.

While you’re not more likely to get sunburned due to pregnancy, you still want to use caution with sun exposure.

Pregnant women should be aware of hyperpigmentation, also known as melasma or mask of pregnancy, which can be caused by sun exposure and pregnancy hormones.

To help prevent melasma, avoid the sun when possible by wearing hats and other protective clothing. A combination of properly covering up with clothing and using sunscreen is more effective than just lathering up.

When it comes to sunscreen, all formulas are safe during pregnancy, however try to pick a sunscreen that uses zinc, rather than chemicals, to block the sun’s rays. Natural sunscreens have been known to cause less allergic reactions.

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day (which you should be doing any way!).

Set a timer to remind yourself to take breaks from the sun if you’ll be outside for long periods of time. Spend a few minutes resting in a cool, shady place, listening to some tunes on your musical pregnancy belt, intermittently throughout the day.

If you do get sunburned, cool compresses can help. Try soaking a cloth in cold milk too!

Overall, my rule of thumb is to protect my skin as I would protect my baby’s skin – I don’t shortchange myself when it comes to sun safety. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll look younger longer because you’ll have less skin damage, which means you’ll be one hot mama for a long, long time!

Does Sex Really Induce Labor?

Posted July 9th, 2013 by Lullabelly



Young Naked Couple Embracing

With my first pregnancy, my water broke unexpectedly one week before my due date. I had no choice in the matter…my baby was coming. I never had the opportunity to try out all those silly ways to induce labor.

My second child was born exactly on her due date, but I started looking up every way to start labor beginning at 38 weeks. I was convinced the baby was coming early (since my first had), and I was done with being pregnant. 

I ate pineapple, cooked up an eggplant parmesan recipe famous for making women go into labor, walked circles around my neighborhood, and of course to my husband’s delight, had a lot of sex.

While all of the sex was a nice distraction and certainly helped my husband and I connect before the chaos of a new baby, it did not bring on labor. 

Researchers in Malaysia also agree. They studied 1200 women in late pregnancy, asking half to have sex frequently as a means of triggering labor. The others were told only that sex was safe during pregnancy.

While the first group had more sex (not a bad study to participate in), women in both groups still delivered around the same time – about 39 weeks.

Thus proving once again that a baby will come when it’s good and ready!

In the meantime, enjoy listening to the tunes on your Lullabelly musical pregnancy belt. Maybe all the dancing and grooving will induce labor – not proven – but fun to try no less!


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