How To Achieve A Better Night’s Sleep When Pregnant

Posted March 20th, 2013 by Lullabelly


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The tossing and turning, the getting up to pee every hour, the Charlie horses! Let’s face it…pregnancy sleep is the pits.

If you hear someone tell you one more time that your lack of sleep during pregnancy is preparing you for the sleepless nights when baby comes, you just might kick them in the shins. You’re tired and is it too much to ask for a restful night now?!

My friend, who is 33 weeks pregnant, asked if I had any tips for getting a little shut-eye during the late stages of pregnancy. I did a little research and here’s what I found:

Lie on Your Left Side – We all have heard that back is best when it comes to putting a baby down for sleep, but when you’re still growing that baby, avoid sleeping on your back. Instead opt for your left side, which allows more blood to flow to your uterus.

Invest in a Good Pregnancy Pillow – A good pregnancy pillow will offer support and raise your upper body. This will cause your baby belly to drop down, away from your diaphragm and lungs. You’ll breathe easier and hopefully sleep more soundly.

Elevate Your Bed –If heartburn is your number one enemy come nighttime, try elevating your bed. You can put blocks under the legs of your bed, which will raise your head and chest up and keep stomach acid at bay.

Limit Liquids – When 6 P.M. rolls around, shut the faucet down. Eliminating liquids after dinner will help curb your midnight trips to the potty.

Cool Down – Do you wake-up with your pajamas and sheets soaked through with sweat. Get a cooler night’s sleep by dressing in breathable, short sleeve fabrics for bed. Also, crack open a window or run a fan at night to keep cooler without running up your AC bill.

What are your tips for better sleep during pregnancy? Share your tips in the comments below.


He Did What? Man Sues Wife For Ugly Baby

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Lullabelly


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File this one under “ridiculous baby news!” A man in China sued his wife and WON for giving birth to a child he deemed “so ugly it horrified him.”

The story is as follows:

Jian Feng was very much in love with his wife when they married. However, when she gave birth to a daughter, he thought the baby was so ugly and did not bear any resemblance to himself or his wife. He accused his wife of being unfaithful.

Turns out his wife did not cheat on him. Instead, she had major plastic surgery that completely changed her appearance prior to meeting her husband. She had never told her husband about her face altering procedures. When she admitted to the reconstructive surgery, he filed for divorce and took her to court claiming she had wooed him into a marriage under false pretenses.

The judge sided with the husband who won $120,000!

Even with the payout to her ex-husband, we think the mama was the big winner in this case. Who wants a baby to have a daddy that is so cruel, judgmental and narcissistic? If the little girl was that unattractive, she is going to need positive re-enforcement and parents who will boost her self-confidence and self esteem. 

Do you think the mom should have been up front about her plastic surgery? Should any baby be classified as too ugly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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