Slightly Embarrassing, Kind of Nasty and Truly Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms

Posted September 18th, 2012 by Lullabelly


I love how pregnant woman are portrayed in movies and on TV. They are happy glowing, blissful ladies who breeze in with the most stunning and chic maternity wardrobe looking fresh-faced and dewy.

In real life, I’m a waddling, sweaty person who threw on the nearest thing that was comfortable (and maybe clean). Oh and I may have farted once or twice when I was entering the room. These, my lady friends, are the realities of pregnancy.

Other realities of pregnancy are the symptoms – common ones like nausea, dizziness, extreme hunger and frequent trips to the bathroom. There are a few other “fun” pregnancy symptoms you might not know about.

I’m here to break down some of the less talked about symptoms for you.

Tinkling While Laughing – Yes, frequent peeing is part of being pregnant due to your baby planting itself firmly on your bladder, but usually you have time to make it to the bathroom once you feel the urge to pee. But if something strikes you funny – watch out because that baby on your bladder might make you wet your pants. Spontaneous peeing may happen when you sneeze as well.

Sweating’s Not Just For Armpits – When you are pregnant, sweating is an equal opportunity experience. The back of your knees sweat, in-between your legs sweat, and even the back of your ears sweat. I can attest to sweating underneath my enlarged breasts too – oh man!

Spitting Like a Baseball Player – Some pregnant women produce excess saliva. This might be something like three or four quarts a day! Spitting out the saliva may be the only option to treat this issue, but some say you can try limiting starch or drinking water with lemon juice to lessen the saliva flow.

UFOS Have Landed on My Boobs – No, those dark, giant disks on your boobs do not signal an alien invasion. They are just your nipples that have gotten really big and turned much darker and sometimes lumpier (milk ducts, here you come!). Do not mistake them for flying saucers.

Some nasty stuff happens to your body when you are pregnant, but have no fear, it’s very normal and will probably go away shortly after your baby is born and life returns to the “new” normal!

Pilates for the Pregnant Mama

Posted September 11th, 2012 by Lullabelly


Pilates is a form of exercise that is intended to strengthen the mind and body with a keen focus on strengthening and elongating your core. 

What you may not realize is that pilates is a great way to stay in shape during each stage of pregnancy. It’s low impact and the focus is on strengthening, building stamina and breathing… all important aspects to prepare your body and mind for delivery day.

For example, practicing pilates while pregnant will keep you strong and flexible (which will come in handy when you can hardly see your feet), and it may help alleviate some of those discomforts and aches (as your belly grows and grows and grows).

Plus, since pilates mainly works your core muscles, pelvic floor, hips and spine – you’ll develop strength and muscle memory that will work to your advantage during labor and when you’re trying to get your pre-baby body back.

If a gym membership is not in the family budget, magazines offers a few pilates moves you can do at home during each trimester. Here is a breakdown on what each trimester’s exercises should focus on.

First Trimester

The pilates moves in your first trimester should work to strengthen your back, abs, waist and pelvis. It’s perfect for supporting your belly as it begins to stretch and get bigger.

Second Trimester

The moves in your second trimester should keep your spine in proper alignment, protecting your back and neck as you began to expand outward from the front.  You may notice that as your belly grows, your balance can become off – pilates can help improve your balance during the second trimester growth spurt.

Third Trimester

Moves in your third trimester should focus on strengthening the pelvic-floor muscles. This should relieve any discomfort you are experiencing (from having an almost-full term baby hanging out in your pelvis) and prepare you for labor.

Pilates is one of the safest workouts you can do when pregnant, but as always be sure to check with your doctor before you begin any workout program when pregnant.

Also, check your local gyms and pilates studios for pre-natal pilates classes that are focused solely on expecting women like you!


Important Vaccines for Parents (and Grand Parents) To-Be

Posted September 4th, 2012 by Lullabelly


As you prepare for baby, you know that at each doctor visit your little newborn will need to receive important vaccines that will keep them safe from preventable illnesses such as whooping cough and the measles – to name a few.

But do you remember the last time you were vaccinated?

Every year, 40,000 to 50,000 people in the U.S. die from diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines. Still, millions of American adults (and parents) go without routine and recommended vaccinations.

And if you contract one of these conditions before your baby has been fully vaccinated, you may risk exposing your baby to terrible-yet-preventable diseases!

Many people think that since they were vaccinated as a kid, they’re good to go. But that’s not always the case.

Some adults may not have completed the recommended schedule of vaccines as children, or they may not have had access to newer vaccines growing up. And even for adults who got every shot on the dot, the vaccine can wear off over time.

This Lullabelly blog mama found out this year after giving birth that my shots weren’t up to date. With more and more cases of the whooping cough cropping up, I didn’t want to take any chances. Even though I had the vaccine as a child, I rolled up my sleeve right in my daughter’s pediatrician’s office and received a whooping cough booster shot. I also get a flu shot every year!

Make sure anyone who is going to be around your baby is up to date on his or her shots. This includes you, your spouse, grandparents and any other caregivers such as nannies and other relatives.

It’s important to keep your baby healthy and that starts with you.


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