A Pregnant Mom’s Dilemma: Will Birth Change Our Sex Life?

Posted February 28th, 2012 by Lullabelly


Throughout my first pregnancy, I constantly asked my husband if he still found me attractive.  As I was ballooning up (as evident by my having to adjust my Lullabelly music belt every week!), and feeling less and less attractive, he always reassured me that he thought I was beautiful (and very sexy for carrying his child).

Then it was time to give birth and I was convinced that watching a small human come out of my vagina would turn him off for good.  But guess what? He thought it was the coolest thing ever! It had absolutely no effect on our love life… and two years later he knocked me up again.

And the second time around? He was even more into the labor and delivery because he knew what to expect.  He’s also patiently waiting for me to get the “all-clear” from the doc so we can have special “mom and dad” time again too.

It’s true that it can be strange for some men to watch the birth of their child.  And it may change his perception of your lady bits, but only for a minute.  Trust me, he’s a dude, he’ll be up for sex any time you say the word. 

My mommy friends agree too!  They’d be the first to tell you that watching birth hasn’t slowed down any of their husbands’ libidos.

Just remember that you shouldn’t have sex until four to six weeks after you give birth (and definitely wait to get the okay from your OBGYN). This will give your body time to heal. In the meantime, put on some of your favorite tunes, make a nice dinner, and enjoy some massage time together.

Ed Note: If your man has sexual issues from witnessing the birth of his child, definitely seek help from a therapist ASAP.

Painting the Nursery – What You Need to Know

Posted February 21st, 2012 by Lullabelly


If you’re getting a jump-start on decorating your baby’s nursery before its arrival, one of the first things you’ll want to tackle is the paint job.  Although completely DIY, painting a room is no small feat (and, in my expert opinion, should be Dad’s job – of course supervised by Mom). 


Here are a few of the Lullabelly team’s tips for properly painting the nursery:


Mom, Sit This One Out! – Fight your urge to nest and put the paintbrush down.  You could get hurt painting and it’s not safe for you to be inhaling fumes.  When the room is being painted, try to stay out of the house and open up windows while the walls dry. Come in every so often to show your support, compliment your husband, and catch any mishaps before they turn into big messes. (IDEA! Use this time to enjoy brisk walks while you and your baby listen to your playlist on your Lullabelly musical belt.)


Use Safe(r) for Baby Paint – Aren’t we lucky that we live in a time where paint manufactures offer low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paints?  These paints emit little or no fumes, reducing health risks to mom and baby.  Look for these types of paints when choosing a paint brand.


Decide on Cool Colors – Can’t decide which color to use.  Here are a few ideas: 


            Green – This is the first color baby can see and it’s gender neutral.

            Orange – The latest in nursery trends, this color is warm and comforting.

            Blue – Got a boy bun in your oven? Go with blue, which is soothing for baby.

            Yellow – Also gender neutral, yellow can be stimulating, so try a toned down version for baby’s room. 

                             Try pairing it with gray for a really modern look.


Create Sheen and Shine – High gloss, low gloss, no gloss? Paint finishes can be overwhelming, but try paint with an eggshell finish.  It has a low sheen and is known for being more durable than flat paint.  It’s easier to wash (when your baby’s mess isn’t just contained to the changing table – trust us, you’ll find poop in the strangest of places) and is more resistant to scuff marks.


Have any tips for painting the baby’s nursery? We’d love to hear them so share away in our comments section!

Should You Doula?

Posted February 14th, 2012 by Lullabelly


No matter how much you prepare (take classes, write up a birth plan, visualize your ideal birth), labor can be filled with surprises.  And even though your significant other has promised to be by your side and support you through the blessed event, sometimes a couple can benefit from hiring a doula.


A doula is a non-medical support person used to assist women and families during labor and sometimes the post-partum period. 


Here are a few reasons why a doula may be worth your while:


Reason #1: They won’t pass out on you! 

Does your S.O. faint at the sight of blood?  Or maybe they become a “Nervous Nancy” when the needles come out.  A doula has participated in hundreds of births and will remain calm and supportive throughout the entire childbirth process.  Plus, labor and delivery nurses are busy updating charts, talking to doctors and monitoring your baby and other patients.  A doula will stay focused on you and only you.


Reason #2: A Faster Labor?

Studies show that doula-assisted labors are 25 percent shorter labors on average.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Doula-assisted moms are also less likely to receive an epidural, forceps, or a Caesarean.  If you are looking for a natural childbirth experience, using a doula might just be the way to go.


Reason #3: They Come With SWAG!

Doulas bring a whole bag of tricks and goodies along with them to help keep mom calm and relaxed – scented oils, ice packs, heating pads, music, birthing balls, etc.  Doulas also know which labor positions are most effective for relieving pain and increasing effectiveness.  Think of a doula like your very own Mary Poppins!


As “Birth” Day nears, you should take time to assess if you’ll have the support you need during labor.  You may just find having a seasoned pro, such as doula, on hand will help you achieve the type of labor and delivery you are looking for. Let us know how it goes too!

The First Birthday Party is the Sweetest

Posted February 9th, 2012 by Lullabelly


We’ve all heard the truism that you only turn 16 once. You only turn 18 once. You only turn 32 once. But, of all the ages, you really only turn 1 once. The first birthday is a special time for parents, family members and friends to reflect on the past year that the little ball of joy has been in their lives and to make memories that they will share with the birthday boy or birthday girl in the future.


If you’re struggling to think of how to make your baby’s first birthday as special as the occasion demands, here are a few tips.


Guest List


The first birthday should be shared between the parents, family members and close friends of the family. Don’t stress out about whether or not to invite your coworkers, church group, college roommate or the person who makes your coffee every morning. Stick with close friends of the family and the immediate family members. Inviting other babies is not necessary but if one of your friends or family members happens to have a baby, encourage them to bring their child. A good rule of thumb for figuring an acceptable number of children to invite is to take the age that your child is turning — in this case one — and add one to that number. So two babies should be the max number of tiny guests at the party. Otherwise your child might feel overwhelmed.




I’ve heard some parents wonder aloud if their child can handle cake on their first birthday. Unless your child has an allergy that would keep them from being able to digest it, cake should be fine. If you’re looking to keep things healthy, try making mini carrot cupcakes or bran muffins with icing and sprinkles on them.




Your child probably hasn’t mastered the finer points of pin the tail on the donkey so allow them to play with their favorite toys and, of course, leave time for them to be held by all their friends and family members. For the older guests, make a station for birthday cards. Your child will be able to open a card from their first birthday each year. This is a great way to commemorate the first birthday.


Melissa is a guest blogger who likes to write about party planning and how to throw the perfect themed birthday party using Mario Bros party supplies. 

Help! I’m Pregnant and I Have Cankles!

Posted February 7th, 2012 by Lullabelly


Swollen feet and ankles, also known as “cankles,” are very common during pregnancy.  I remember the first time I experienced pregnancy-induced cankles.  We had a wedding to attend in the middle of summer in the heart of South Carolina.  I got off the plane and poof – my calves, ankles and feet ballooned to twice their size. 


When you are pregnant, the circulation in your legs can be strained, which can cause swelling.


If you are experiencing the dreaded cankle, try these tips to stave off swelling:


       Don’t wear anything tight.  Keep clothing loose and avoid tight fitting shoes and boots.


       Get up and move.  If you are sitting at a desk all day or taking a long flight, get up and move every hour.  Try rotating your ankles, flexing your feet and wiggling your toes to keep blood flowing.


       Prop up your tootsies.  Elevate your legs and feet with a pillow when you are resting.


       Drink plenty of H2O.  Guzzle down water as much as you can to stay hydrated and minimize sodium intake.


Remember, the longer you sit without moving, the worse swelling can get.  Movement is the key to a cankle-less pregnancy!


About the Contributor: Amy G. is the mom to a beautiful baby girl and pregnant with baby #2 (due January 2012). She is a regular contributor to The Belly Blog, a blog for pregnant women and is sponsored by Lullabelly, a prenatal musical belt.


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