Playing the Waiting for Baby Game

Posted January 31st, 2012 by Lullabelly


Today I’m 10 days shy of my due date.  To say I’m anxious is an understatement.  I can’t sleep at night and it has nothing to do with being uncomfortable, hot or having a kicking, full-term baby inside of me.


I’m just so excited about meeting my little girl and so totally nervous about labor and delivery.  These are, of course, all very normal feelings for a 38-week pregnant woman.


This is my second baby, so I’m not the blissfully ignorant first-time mama I once was.  I know what’s going to happen (to an extent, as each delivery is different) and so I have a very pre-conceived notion of how all this will go down.


With my first baby, my water randomly popped (literally!) at 10:30 p.m.  seven days before my actual due date.  So now every night around 10:30 p.m. I begin to wait for my water to break.  And I wait, and I wait, and I wait.  But nothing happens.


My little family is in a holding pattern.  We don’t want to make too many plans.  My husband is afraid to commit to any business meetings or events.  I don’t want to schedule too many playdates for my oldest daughter.  And I take my own commitments day by day. Sure I could go to the store tomorrow, but better go now…  just in case.


Because I’m a second time mom and had a vaginal delivery the first time around, the doctors have offered me the option of scheduling an induction.  It sounds like a rather convenient way to have a baby (I’d be able to arrange childcare for my oldest, there would be no middle of the night drive to the hospital, I’d get to choose my daughter’s birthday and maybe even get a mani/pedi prior).  But when it comes down to it, I’d rather let my baby decide when she’s ready to come into the world…. well, as long as she’s on-time. I can’t promise I won’t change my mind when I’m five days past my due date!


And that, my preggo friends, is what you call “the waiting for baby game.”


About the Contributor: Amy G. is the mom to a beautiful baby girl and pregnant with baby #2 (due January 2012). She is a regular contributor to The Belly Blog, a blog for pregnant women and is sponsored by Lullabelly, a prenatal musical belt.

Nickel and Dime Your Nursery Design

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Lullabelly


When I had my first child, my husband and I went a bit overboard decorating her nursery.  We were first-time parents-to-be and wanted the best for our little bambino.


We set out to a high-end, organic baby boutique and got totally up-sold on our furniture.  Of course my daughter now has a very beautiful room.  However, we thought she would be out of her crib by the time we had number two and rationalized that we would be able to use the pricey furniture twice. 


Number two is on the way. My daughter isn’t old enough for a big girl bed. Now we have to buy another crib and more furniture to outfit our second nursery.  This time around, we were smarter and more economical – we will not be up-sold!


Here are a few tricks on how to find low-cost yet fabulous nursery furniture – take it from one who knows!


Determine Your Budget Ahead of Time: Before you run to the nearest Pottery Barn Kids or local baby boutique, set a budget for your furniture. Figure out what you are willing to spend before you decorate.  And if you fall in love with that designer crib, do some online comparison-shopping.  Cribs come in all different designs and prices and you can probably find a similar design at a lower price point.


Less is More: Pick out a few key pieces that you absolutely need in the nursery when you bring baby home.  A solid crib, changing table, glider, diaper pail and book shelf should do the trick.  Once you bring baby home you can figure out what you need as you go along so you don’t overspend on the wrong items.


Reuse: Instead of buying all new furniture, take inventory of old furniture to see what can be used in your nursery.  An old dresser can be refinished and outfitted with new handles to make the perfect dresser/changing table combo.  A comfy chair can be re-stuffed and re-upholstered and used as a glider.  Maybe there are some old keepsakes in your family that can be passed down.  Don’t forget to shop flea markets and garage sales for great finds too (just not the crib – so much has changed in crib safety that you shouldn’t buy a crib manufactured before June 2011).


Skip the “Baby Baby” Items: Lambs, butterflies and teddy bears are all sweet and cute. However, if you pick accent items and décor that are solid colors, your nursery design will grow with your child instead of your child outgrowing it first. Stick with classic colors and designs – you can’t go wrong!


Safety Comes First: Be sure to do your homework and don’t try to price cut where baby’s safety should be a priority.  Look for products that address concerns such as SIDS and antibacterial protection.  Also stick to safety guidelines when it comes to putting items such as pillows, blankets and stuffed animals in baby’s bed. And that pesky bumper, you don’t need that safety hazard in your crib. Skip it!


If you keep these tips in mind while shopping, you’ll outfit an adorable-yet-practical nursery within your family’s budget. Good luck!


About the Contributor: Amy G. is the mom to a beautiful baby girl and pregnant with baby #2 (due January 2012). She is a regular contributor to The Belly Blog, a blog for pregnant women and is sponsored by Lullabelly, a prenatal musical belt.

Singing to Your Baby Bump

Posted January 17th, 2012 by Lullabelly


You’ve heard that singing to your newborn baby has many benefits, but did you know that singing to your baby during pregnancy is something you should definitely do too?


Don’t worry if you’re not the next American Idol, baby doesn’t mind if you can’t carry a tune.  All that matters is that baby is exposed to and hears your voice on a continuous basis. Here’s why: 


Soothing Sounds

The sound of your voice is calming to baby (and singing is especially soothing).  Talking and singing to your bump is also a great way to bond with baby and how baby will get to know you before life outside the womb.


Plus, music has been shown to help infants fall asleep faster. If baby is kicking up a storm, start crooning away to settle them down. Or after they arrive, bust out a little ditty after that 3 A.M. feeding when you’re ready to go back to sleep.


Brain Development

There is also a ton of research that suggests that music benefits the developing brain. says that “children who grow up hearing music, singing songs and moving to the beat are enjoying a rich sensory environment.” This means that while kids are having a blast rocking out, their brains are growing!


So start dedicating some tunes to your womb – simple nursery rhymes, the latest top 40 hit, religious songs and prayers – anything will do.  Your Lullabelly pregnancy music belt will help you set the playlist on occasion too!


Or if popular music isn’t you’re thing, make up your own song and continue to sing it to your child as they grow.  The important thing is that baby hears your voice before its born and after. Doing so will ensure you create a special bond between you and your little one forever.

Baby Name Trends for 2012 – Heroic, Simple and Traditional

Posted January 9th, 2012 by Lullabelly


Are you expecting a little one in 2012?! If yes, congrats! 


Whether this is your first baby or fourth, one of the top questions you’ll surly be asked is, “Do you have a name picked out?”


Well, do you?


The name game can be the most fun or most challenging part of having a baby (depending on who you ask).   Parents-to-be want to find the perfect moniker to bestow on their little bundle.


If you’re looking for some help, has created a list of 12 popular name trends for 2012.  The list includes a mix of uniquely-spelled traditional names, old-standbys and some new ones with a “heroic” twist.


Here are some hot categories to get you inspired:


Modern Heroes – Think about your favorite superhero, character from a book, movie, sports professional or maybe a hero in your real life.  You don’t have to stick to the first name, surnames make great first names too. The possibilities here are endless.


Same But Different – Some names are popular for a reason.  Often it’s because they are well liked by a wide range of parents and are significant of current events (Isabella and Jacob). You may love a popular baby name, but still want your child to stand out from the pack. So put your own spin on it. You can mix it up with a creative way to spell the name – “Ashley” becomes “Ashli”, or put a slight variation on it – “Emma” becomes “Emmaline.”


Oldies But Goodies – Thought you’d never see the day when Betty, Henry and May would be stylish again? Well, it’s time to turn to the glamour and simplicity of old Hollywood where traditional names are now hip and oh-so-retro-cool too!


Want to read more about 2012 name trends? Click here!


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