Are you Worried About Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Posted October 25th, 2011 by Lullabelly


Two years ago, during my first pregnancy, the minute the test turned positive I ran out to the nearest drug store and picked up a giant bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks.  I would rub it all over my boobs and belly religiously every day (sometimes more than once a day) and recite a silent prayer to the stretch mark gods above.


Much to my relief, I escaped the first pregnancy without a single line. 


And this pregnancy? Maybe I’ll give myself a rub down twice a week with regular old body lotion.  You see, the second time around you’re too busy with the first kid to do things like put lotion on your self to avoid stretch marks.  However, here in the sixth month, I don’t have any signs of them yet.


So what gives?  I did some research and here’s what I’ve found.


It’s not so much about the moisturizing as it is about how quickly you gain weight.  The faster you gain weight (and the more weight you gain than recommended) will cause marks because your skin is stretching faster than it can keep up. 


Here are four things you can do to avoid stretch marks:


1.)  Eat a Healthy Diet  – This will ensure you are nourishing both you and baby.  Take your prenatal vitamins and eat the right amount of calories. Don’t over indulge (I know, easy to say, not so easy to do!)

2.)  Eight Glasses A Day – Fill up on water to make sure you are properly hydrated for your skin to maintain its elasticity.  The current health recommendations call for eight or more glasses of water a day. Drinking lots of water will also fill your belly and give you more energy/hydration so you may not feel like eating as much.

3.)  Gain it Slow – If you’re at a healthy weight at the start of your pregnancy, doctors will recommend you gain about 25-35 pounds during the course of your pregnancy.  The faster you gain weight, the more likely you are to get stretch marks, so take it easy on those unhealthy cravings.

4.)  Moisturize Your Lady Bits – Creams and lotions will keep your skin moisturized and help you feel less itchy and dry, but ironically they’ve never been medically proven to prevent stretch marks.


And remember, sometimes it is just genetics so you may just need to embrace your new child-bearing body for the long haul!


About the Contributor: Amy G. is the mom to a beautiful baby girl and pregnant with baby #2 (due January 2012). She is a regular contributor to The Belly Blog, a blog for pregnant women and is sponsored by Lullabelly, a prenatal musical belt.

Pregnant? There’s an App for That…

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Lullabelly


In this crazy modern world we live in, not only are your friends, family and doctors great go-to resources for information on pregnancy, but now you’re iPhone, Droid or Blackberry can be instrumental in your well-being for the next nine months too.


From conception to birth, there are a ton of applications (or apps as we like to call them) that can help guide, answer questions and track milestones and statistics about your pregnancy.




If you’re trying to conceive, knowing when you’re fertile and ovulating is essential, so download a period and ovulation tracker app.  These types of applications will predict your most fertile days leading up to ovulation based on the information you give them about the start and end dates of your period.  You can indicate when you had sex, note fertility signs and keep track of any possible pregnancy symptoms.  Some of these apps might also tell you when you can take a pregnancy test.




Now that you’re pregnant, you can follow your pregnancy journey right on your smart phone.  You don’t have to lug around a large copy of “What to Expect…,” just download their app.  The “What to Expect” app, along with similar applications, track your pregnancy day by day, week by week, record doc appointments and more.




In the good old days, dad used to whip out his stop watch and a pen and paper when contractions started.  Today, all Dad has to do is download a contraction timer app when mom says go.   These types of applications help time contraction intervals and intensity, making it easier for laboring couples to know when it’s time to head to the hospital.  Some even compare your contractions to medical averages so you know what phase of labor you’re in. 


Looking fore more info on pregnancy apps? Check out’s “Top 25 Pregnancy Applications,” or Parent’s “Best iPhone Apps for Mom.”

Sex is What Got You Here…But How About Sex During Pregnancy?

Posted October 11th, 2011 by Lullabelly


Baby-making sex (most likely) got you into the pregnant state you find yourself in now. While you may be suffering from the lovely side effects of pregnancy (heartburn, constipation, nausea – need I say more??!), you may be surprised to find you are more interested than ever to have a “roll in the hay” with your partner.


With your newly inspired sex drive often encouraged by raging pregnancy hormones, you’re ready to get your lovin’ on, but sex while you are preggo is different and changes as your pregnancy progresses.  Here is what to expect in the bedroom for the next nine months.


First Trimester – Liberating Your Libido


During the first trimester, you may find that you are more interested in sex than usual.  This may be because you don’t have to worry about using birth control or you’re not “trying” to get pregnant any more, which can make sex stressful for a couple.  Your hormone levels are also changing and enhancing your desires.  Some women even find that their orgasms are more intense.  But as soon as you start to heat up, morning sickness might kick-in and cool you down.  Don’t worry, things will get better.


Second Trimester – Rediscovering Your Interest


Now that your nausea and other first trimester ailments start to subside, your interest may come back and you might find that sex is better than ever!  This is likely because, experts say, you are more lubricated than usual and your sensations are more heightened down below.  Orgasms may come easier (and in multiples).  Be sure to tell your partner if any parts are sore (boobs) or what positions are most comfortable – as your partner will want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you or your partner is fearful of hurting the baby, just remember that they are well protected in the womb and sex cannot hurt them (just wait a few years when they walk in on you two doing “it” – then there will be some trauma).


Third Trimester – Experimentation


By the time you reach the third trimester, your boobs and belly are a lot bigger than when you started.  Most men go crazy for their lady’s fuller figure, so keep that in mind if you are feeling a bit self-conscious about your heavier self.  The standard missionary position may be a bit difficult to maneuver, so you may find this a great time to experiment with new positions (Editor Tip: Try spooning with your left knee pulled up).  Also, as you get closer to your due date you may find that your uterus spasms or you feel contractions when you orgasm.  This will not cause pre-term labor, but sex has been known to jump start labor when your cervix and body are ready.


Generally sex during pregnancy should not be a problem, but talk with your doctor if you have any concerns. And most of all, have fun!


About the Contributor: Amy G. is the mom to a beautiful baby girl and pregnant with baby #2 (due January 2012). She is a regular contributor to The Belly Blog, a blog for pregnant women and is sponsored by Lullabelly, a prenatal musical belt.

Children Who Listen to Music Excel at School and Life

Posted October 4th, 2011 by Lullabelly


Here at the Belly Blog, we know the important role music can play in your unborn baby’s development. Listening to music with your baby in the womb helps reduce a mom’s stress during pregnancy, plus it helps with fetal development and creates a wonderful bonding experience for mom, baby and dad.


But did you know that continuing to expose your child to music as they grow is also beneficial?


Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music (play it or sing it regularly):

       Score higher in math and reading

       Learn coordination, goal setting, concentration and cooperation

       Excel in math and science

       Express less conflict with friends/peers and have a higher self-esteem

       Have a higher chance of attending college


Those are a lot of benefits indeed!


We thought we’d offer you some tips on how you, too, can fill your child’s and (family’s) life with music – from womb to adult – so you can experience all these wonderful benefits:


       Put an iPod stereo with rotating playlist in your child’s room.

       Use a musical alarm clock to help your child wake up to happy tunes.

       Introduce kids to songs from your own childhood or music you loved when you were their age.

       Have an old-fashioned sing-along in the car.

       Make or buy musical instruments for playtime jam sessions.

       Form your own family band with real or pretend instruments. 

       And of course, start early by exposing your baby to music in the womb, which is made easy with the Lullabelly prenatal music belt.


You never know, by exposing your child to music, you may just be developing the next Jonas Brothers band or Miley Cyrus!




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