Snacking Right: What to Feed Your Growing Belly. Part 2.

Posted May 31st, 2011 by Lullabelly

Continuing on the theme of healthy eating while pregnant per our last post…here is some information on snacking the right way for your growing belly…
Hunger can strike a pregnant woman at any time – and when it does, you better be prepared. You don’t want to be caught hungry and then grab the nearest snack around because we all know what’s easy to grab is usually something high-caloric or high in fat.
The key is to be prepared to satisfy your hunger cravings. Here are some ideas to snacking right:
Peanut butter. Scoop up 1 tbsp of peanut butter from the jar and eat it off the spoon or spread it on apple slices Keep an individual packet of Justin’s Peanut Butter (yes, they make on-the-go peanut butter – score!!) in your purse to satisfy your hunger mid-day.
String cheese. String cheese is super portable and easy to grab when on the go. Keep this simple cheese around your house and consume as hunger strikes.

Cantaloupe, orange slices and grapes. Keep some fresh fruits on hand to boost your Vitamin A and C intake and to satisfy your sweet cravings too.

Hummus and carrots. Buy a tub of hummus at the grocery store and dip carrot sticks (or sesame sticks, those are good too!) into the delicious chickpea dip.

Yogurt and raisins. Sprinkle some iron-rich raisins on top of ½ cup of fat free yogurt. This snack is sweet and creamy – delish!
Almonds. Stick a handful of almonds in a zip-top baggie and keep them in your purse for salty cravings when on the go.
Hard boiled eggs. Eggs can take forever to prepare, so keep a dozen hard boiled eggs in the fridge for easy access when your tummy is rumbling. For easy peeling, be sure to completely cool the eggs in the fridge overnight.
What “healthy” cravings do/did you have and what suggestions do you have for satisfying them, healthily, of course?

“Growl. Gurgle. Rumble.” What Do You Feed Your Bump When Hunger Calls? Part 1.

Posted May 24th, 2011 by Lullabelly

Eating for two can be a wonderful thing, as long as you commit to eating right. So what do you do when your baby bump starts growling?  Most of us want to reach for the chocolate cookies or donuts (guilty as charged!), but we should listen to our body and give it the nutrition it needs, right?
Use this information as your guide to on the essential nutrients you need for 9 months and beyond:
Protein – Protein helps develop your baby’s muscles, bones, skin, blood, enzymes and some hormones.
  • Eat peanut butter, poultry, lean beef, fish, eggs and beans
Iron – Iron aids in baby’s brain development and is needed to transport oxygen throughout the body. You may feel weak if you don’t have enough iron.
  • Consume leafy greens, beef, beans and iron-fortified cereals
Folate – Folate is needed to make new cells in the body. It is essential for red blood cell development
  • Try dark, leafy vegetables like spinach, beans and fortified cereals
Calcium – Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth for baby.
  • Try low-fat yogurt, skim milk or cheese
Vitamin A – This vitamin gives your baby healthy vision and supports a healthy immune system for you and baby.
  • Orange veggies and fruits are key. Munch on carrots, spinach, cantaloupe or sweet potatoes
Zinc – Zinc helps create a healthy immune system.
  • Eat lean beef and pork, baked beans or yogurt
Remember, your body is craving these nutrients even if your taste buds don’t. Do your best to consumer the right foods so you feel your best self throughout the next 9 months and beyond!
Stay tuned for next week's post for part 2 on snacking right for your growing belly.


Prenatal Yoga: We Know It’s Good for Mama, but Is It Good for Baby Too?

Posted May 17th, 2011 by Lullabelly


Yoga can help moms stay physically and mentally toned throughout their pregnancy; however, expecting moms need to make modifications to ensure the safety of themselves and their unborn babies. Remember “Namaste” is about connecting your mind, body and soul for you and your baby – so you want to do what feels right and natural…with some instruction of course.
Here are some tips to making worry-free prenatal yoga workouts work!
Downward Dog? Some moves are okay and some are not. Let your instructor know you’re pregnant and ask him/her to modify poses for you during the class. Skip poses that have you lying flat on your back or on your belly. Modify moves that require deep back bends or jerky twists. You may also want to skip deep stretches. The connective tissue around your pelvis is softened during pregnancy, making you more prone to injuries.
Drink Up! Staying hydrated is key to a positive workout for mom and baby-to-be. Sip your water bottle throughout class and steer clear of hot yoga classes that can cause your body to overheat.
Breathe Easy. Yoga can teach you breathing techniques you can carry with you into the delivery room, so take special note of these special techniques. Focus on taking deep, purposeful breaths throughout the class. Proper breathing techniques can put your mind at ease and release any accumulated tension and stress.
Yoga Tunes: Help your baby relax too by playing calming, relaxing yoga-style music. A musical pregnancy belt allows baby to hear the calming music and feel the soft rhythms while in the womb.
Remember, there are special prenatal yoga classes designed specifically for pregnant women. If you can’t find one near you, buy a DVD or simply attend your regular yoga classes and ask the instructor for proper modification.
Did yoga help keep you mentally and physically fit throughout your pregnancy? Tell us more.

Are You Getting Enough Shut-Eye?

Posted May 10th, 2011 by Lullabelly

Many moms will admit that they’ve never felt more tired than during their pregnancy. Growing a baby is hard work and puts your body into overdrive forming a fetus, pumping more blood and nurturing a new life.
It turns out getting enough sleep during your pregnancy is not only good for mom, but is vital to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. A recent study showed that women who got less than five hours of sleep a night are ten times as likely to develop preeclampsia than those that sleep 7-9 hours.
So how can you make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye? Here are some tips:
Get Comfortable: There’s nothing like a bulging belly to put your sleep habits on the edge, literally! Women who like to sleep on their bellies or backs are forced to sleep on their left sides. Try to make the experience as comfortable as possible by surrounding yourself with pillows that you can use to prop your legs and head comfortably. Cuddle a body pillow too, it really works.
Exercise: Studies have shown that individuals who exercise sleep better at night. Make sure you’re getting plenty of physical stimulation throughout the day so you can sleep like a baby before baby arrives! Take a long walk and enjoy listening to your favorite playlist. It’s good for the heart, mind and body.
De-Stress: Nothing can put the kibosh on your sleep more than stress. If your job is keeping you up at night, perhaps it’s time to talk about winding down or lightening your load. Your boss will understand and if s/he doesn’t, then it might be time to consider an early maternity leave.
Avoid Liquids: With a shrinking bladder to blame, many pregnant women feel they are up all night urinating. Yes, it happens and yes, it sucks! To ensure less potty-wakes, avoid drinking liquids after 7 p.m. at night. See if that frees up bladder space to allow you to get longer stretches of sleep.           
Talk to Your Doctor: Getting enough sleep is vital no matter if your pregnant or not. Be sure to talk to your doctor about what you can do to get enough shut-eye at night.
What other tips do you have to ensuring a good night’s rest?

Yes Ladies, It’s Swimsuit-Buying Time!

Posted May 3rd, 2011 by Lullabelly

It’s that time of year when women flock to the mall to buy that dreaded-but-needed item: the swimsuit. If the thought of buying a swimsuit makes you quiver, than the thought of buying a maternity swimsuit surely will rock you to the core.
But you are in luck due to the fabulous maternity fashions designers are creating today. The styles will hopefully make you feel flirty and feminine, so you have (almost) nothing to worry about.
Here are some tips our team came up with to help you shop for that perfect maternity swimwear:
Go with a Tankini (or Halterkini): If you’re sensitive about your body (pregnant or not), and you want to cover up a bit, consider a tankini or halterkini suit. These suits are great because they cover you up but also allow for you to easily go to the bathroom without stripping down. Easy bathroom access is important when your bladder is being compromised by a growing uterus.
Look for Ruching (roo-shing): Ruching is when the fabric bunches and pleats at a certain spot. Full piece suits with ruching over the tummy give you room to grow and also cover up any spots you may be sensitive about, like a belly button that has popped.
Get Your Girls Supported: Pregnancy makes your breasts bulge and you’ll want to pick a suit that gives your heavy breasts the extra support they need. Many great maternity suits come with built-in shelf bras, which help ease the weight of your pregnancy boobs.
Get Stylish: Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy poolside. Look for suits in 2011’s colors and fabrics, which include a honeysuckle reddish pink that screams confidence or a floral print. (florals are a hot trend for this spring/summer)
Be Adjustable: Some suits offer adjustability to grow as your belly grows. Look for suits with ties vs. clasps (which may have limited adjustability). Also look for one that leaves you room to grow, especially if you’re buying the suit in your 5th month and will need it all summer long.
Use What You Got: If you don’t want to buy a new swimsuit and you’re not afraid of showing your bare belly, see if your bikini will work during the dog days of summer.
Pregnant or not, do you dread swimsuit shopping or love it? Why? Share your opinions below.

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