Managing Morning Sickness While Looking Cool

Posted April 26th, 2011 by Lullabelly


Ah, when looking back on those fond pregnancy moments of glowing skin, rounded tummy and thick hair, I can’t help but remember one bad part of being pregnant: Morning sickness. Although, let’s be honest, it was more like all day sickness. I would ride the train to work, vomit in the train station. Walk from the station to my office, vomit at work. It was a never-ending vomit cycle.
I finally had enough of feeling miserable and started to research what I could do to feel less sick. I learned that prevention would be key. These three things seemed to work best for me:
First, experts will tell you to eat smaller meals and snack throughout the day – and that’s just what I started to do. I was keeping hunger at a minimum and feeling less sick. Best of all, I was being beckoned to eat all day – score!
Second, I learned that ginger might help ease some of the nauseous feelings. I made myself my own ginger ice cube concoction. You can too. First you start by boiling a few slices of fresh ginger. Then, after 10 minutes of boiling, you put the ginger water into ice cube trays for freezing. Once frozen, you can suck on the ice cubes directly or add them to your everyday water. Add a slice of lemon to the ginger infused water and your tummy will calm.
Third, I would chow on baked potatoes daily. I learned that baked potatoes are loaded with potassium (which some experts say prevents morning sickness) and vitamin C, so they helped me not only get the nutrients I needed but also they were bland enough to eat without the odor or taste making me sick. 
These three things made me feel less sick (albeit not 100% okay). So what are your personal tricks to preventing morning (or all day) sickness? We’d love to hear from you!

Womb Tunes: What Kind of Music Can Help Relax You and Your Baby?

Posted April 19th, 2011 by Lullabelly

Pregnancy mood swings. We all have them and experts say it’s a normal part of pregnancy; after all, your body is going through a variety of hormonal and physical changes that you can’t control, leaving you with a broad range of emotions and feelings to cope with. Plus, you may feel less attractive and/or more tired – all normal parts of pregnancy.
The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says you can manage your body’s stress levels by:
  • Getting plenty of rest and relaxation, including naps (hooray!)
  • Getting regular physical activity (pregnancy yoga class anyone?)
  • Eating well (plenty of fruits and veggies – and maybe sneak in a Krispy Kreme every so often to cave into your cravings.)
  • Spending time with your partner and/or friends doing activities you enjoy (walking, movies, shopping for cute maternity and baby stuff, etc.)
The APA also says on its website that “music therapy” can be an “effective aid in helping you relax.” Given that notion, we thought it would be fun to put together our own music therapy playlist for pregnant mamas who enjoy music and need some time to relax and bond with their babies. All you need to do is simply add these types of womb tunes to your playlist, plug in your Lullabelly and enjoy a little music therapy with your baby – as needed of course!
Nature Sounds:  The soothing sound of ocean waves or rain pounding on a porch can soothe you and take your thoughts into another world. If you’re a city girl and are a little home sick, you can find sounds of buses passing by or trains moving cross country. These “tunes” will surely bring you back home in your mind.
Classical Music: Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart can help set your mind at ease as you relax in quiet comfort in bed or mediate in your favorite yoga poses. Namaste.
Soft Rock: If you’re feeling a bit lovey-dovey, listening to your favorite love songs can help surround you with the emotions you may be feeling in anticipation of motherhood. Celine Dion, Kenny G. and even a little John Legend can sometimes say it best (admit it, you agree!).
Lullabies: If you’re in the nesting mood, nothing can help you get your mind ready for baby than listening to some sweet and soft lullabies. Download a few from iTunes and begin introducing your baby to sweet tunes of Brahms Lullaby (Lullaby and Goodnight), Are You Sleeping?, and You are My Sunshine.
Rock Lullabies: Did you know that a company called ROCKABYE BABY! has developed a series of CDs that convert your favorite band and singer’s music in to sweet, soft melodies? Enjoy lullabies set to the tune of the Beatles, Bob Marley, Weezer and Led Zeppelin!
We hope these womb tunes inspire you and, more importantly, help to set your mind at ease. Speaking of, what’s your favorite music to relax to?
Note: If your mood swings are impacting your life or you’re feel depressed, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

Say “No Way!” to Boring Baby Showers. 10 Baby Shower Ideas to Remember!

Posted April 13th, 2011 by Lullabelly


No one says a baby shower has to be a brunch in someone’s house where you play games and open presents.

No one says the theme has to be Winnie the Pooh or princess baby.

Been there, done that…many times.

So you want something different, right? You want to add a little something-something, a little oomph and a little bling to your baby shower to make it something you and your friends will remember forever.

So let’s scrap the traditional boring baby shower and consider some unique options:
Take It to the Spa: Why not gather the girlfriends and get pedicures at your favorite spa. Most salons will work out a group rate that makes it affordable to the host(s) and they may provide space for the guest of honor to open presents and enjoy sparkling juice and appetizers.
Send in the Experts: While baby shower games can be fun, they get, well, repetitive if you’ve been to enough baby showers over the years (and boy will you!). Instead of games, hire a make-up artist to come in and give tips to creating dramatic looks. Or hire a jewelry designer who will teach each guest to make her own pregnancy bling! Or bring in a stylist who can talk about what it means to be a fashionable and hot mama! Experts make it fun and each guest will leave feeling like they got something out of it.
Oh, Yes, I Said Pole Dancing: Ok, so many of you may be squirming in your seats, but why not go to a pole dancing studio and look into a few moves that both expecting and non-expecting moms can use to seduce their mates? Pole dancing is innocent (I didn’t say hire a stripper or anything like that!). I’m certain your shower will be the most talked about one in the history of baby showers! Or if pole dancing simply isn’t for you, what about a prenatal yoga class at your home with your closest friends? You can hire a private instructor to come in and show you all how to have OM moments even during pregnancy.
Cocktails and Pickles in a Blanket, Anyone?: Make your baby shower an evening cocktail party. Ask all your friends to glam it up! You can serve sparkling juices, pickles in a blanket and ice cream parfaits. Hire a local DJ to play music with a “baby” theme.
An Idea from “The Bachelor”: OK, if you like the show like me, then maybe you’ll know I stole this idea from The Bachelor playbook. On the show the women have to write a song or poem and perform it in front of the Bachelor. He then picks the one he likes best for a date. So you do that, ok? Make your guests get silly and have some fun. They may grimace and groan, but they’ll do it. Just get that Flip Camera ready for recording!
Play Dress Up: Make your baby shower one your guests have to dress up for. Maybe it’s a masquerade ball or you ask each guest to dress the hot style of the year they were born (I’ll pull out my bell bottoms, what fun!). Or have them dress as their favorite singer. When they show up they’ll be introduced to Mr. Karaoke Machine and they’ll have to belt out their favorite tune.
Remember, whether you want a traditional baby shower or something a little spicy and different, be sure to communicate your ideas with your best girlfriend so she can deliver on what you want… after all, this is YOUR baby shower!
Have you ever had or been to a unique, fun and fabulous baby shower before? Tell us more about it by leaving a comment below.

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