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  Lullabelly In The News

As seen on NBC 9 News

As seen on Fox News


Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

"Belly ballads. Want an easier way to play tunes to your baby? Try the Lullabelly. It's a super comfy music belt that you can wear around your tummy to play songs from a CD or MP3 player. There's also and extra pair of earphones so mom (or dad) can listen along."

Real Moms Guide

"When I was pregnant, I played music for my baby all the time. I even created a playlist of mellow tunes and lullabies that I played in the hospital when I was in labor. And after my baby was born, I played those same songs for her and I’m convinced she recognized them!"
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Shop With Me Mama

"Love music? Are you pregnant and want to share your love of music with your little one in your womb? Now you can, safely and comfortably! The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt allows you to share music with your baby, in your tummy. No more stretching ear phone cords over your belly, to get the music down to your baby, the Lullabelly is a music belt, made specifically for pregnant mamas!"
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Real Moms Real Views

"So it was my turn to take some time for myself and my little one growing inside me. I shut the bedroom door and curled up on the bed with a good book. I placed the Lullabelly around my belly and played my favorites songs for the baby. I was able to get an hour of relaxation in and I am sure my little unborn baby was a rockin' too! I am thinking of making this a daily routine. Finally some mommy/baby time."
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A Day in Motherhood

"Not only can moms bond with their babies through music, but it can actually have a positive effect on both the mother and baby!"
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Radio Facts

"With Lullabelly, your baby can enjoy the many benefits of prenatal music. Listening to music along with your baby in the womb is relaxing and creates a wonderful bonding experience with your child"
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Smarty Pants Mama

"Makes sense. I like products like that. The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is a great concept and works! We all love the idea of playing soft, classical music to the bun in the oven. But, we're often challenged with figuring out exactly how to get the headphones to stay around the huge belly. The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is the solution to this."
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Lifestyle Magazine

"A child's active listening begins around the 24th week of pregnancy, and it has thus become common for mothers to play music to their unborn children. Numerous research papers back up the idea that the baby receives wonderful cognitive benefits from music played into the womb. But that always comes with struggles: How do you get headphones to stretch across your belly? How do you know if the volume is okay?"
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"The Lullabelly is great, you can use it while walking, working out, or just hanging out at home. The fabric is really soft and it comes in pink, blue, or green, it's perfect for a shower gift! You will be hooked once you feel your baby instantly move and kick when the music starts. The Lullabelly is such a cute, comfy, easy way to start bonding with your baby."
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Empowering Mommy

"I received the really cute Princess Pink Lullabelly and I absolutely love it. Now my little one can listen to music without the big bulkiness of headphones. I am no longer tied to a chair to expose my little one to classical music but can now walk around and do what I need to do. Another thing that I love about the Lullabelly is the fact that there is an adapter and headphones that allows you to listen as well as baby."
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San Diego Family Magazine

"Looking for the best new baby products? Our parent-testers reviewed each item to give you the inside scoop on super deals, cute clothes and trendy totes. Jenny recommends giving Lullabelly as a shower gift - It relaxes both me and the baby. Lets me bond with my baby through one of my passions--music."
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Supermom Central

"And speaking of a baby's hearing in utero, playing music for your unborn baby is another excellent way to bond during pregnancy. Up until now, I've made it a practice to snuggle up to my stereo as often as possible during pregnancy. However, I recently met the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt and now I wish I'd had it all along!"
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Deseret News

"As a mom who tried to hold a square alarm clock up to my belly before I gave up, I think Lullabelly could really help moms who want their kids to listen to music or books or even just soothing sounds before they are born."
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Celebrity Baby Scoop

"The old school version of putting headphones around your belly has finally been revamped! Now, with Lullabelly, you can plug in your iPod or MP3 Player and let your baby listen to any music of your choosing."
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Mommin It Up

"The first time I tried the Lullabelly, I was surprised how much the baby kicked when hearing the music. I think she's already a Bob Marley fan. My husband got really into this too as he found some great hippie dippie tunes to play for our little one. It was a fun family bonding experience for all three of us! I would definitely recommend this product to other expecting moms!"
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The National Parenting Center

"Clearly one of the most unique items we saw this testing period, the Lullabelly certainly garnered lots of attention and for those pregnant mommies, plenty of positive reviews. Many of us have heard about the benefits of introducing music to babies while in the womb. This prenatal belt makes putting the idea into practice, letting you plug in your iPod or MP3 player and letting junior either rock out or groove to the music of your choosing. Of course none of our testers could qualify the impact the musical experience had on their unborn children, but they felt positive about the experience, the comfort of the belt and the idea behind it all."

sound lounge

"So prenatal listening can calm babies and connect them with their parents’ voices. After birth, babies may even remember the music played to them in the womb. But now, the question on every parent’s mind - Will my baby become a musical genius?"
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"Bottom line - I think this is marvelous and is in line with pretty much everything I personally know and believe about the power of sound. I dig how Lullabelly present their information and make their argument"
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MommyB Knows best

"If you’re looking for an innovative and comfortable way to bond with baby and share your favorite music, look for Lullabelly, a prenatal music belt. Aside from the many developmental aspects there are some key elements that make Lullabelly stand out. The incredible comfort, pleasing look, and flexible mobility of this product are great bonuses for any expectant mother."
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Baby Making Machine

"I seriously LOVE my Lullabelly... And they aren’t paying me to say that. It’s probably one of my favorite pregnancy items so far. I think partly because I love music so much but I personally have no musical talent. This is a nice way to get Spawnie accustomed to good music but not have to torture him/her with my singing."
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"Here is a great invention that I would have LOVED during my three pregnancies: A belly band that you wear around your waist during pregnancy to hold your ipod/mp3 player. It allows you to play music for your baby inside the womb. How cool is that?! Use it and feel relaxed. I love listening to music, so why wouldn't I share it with my baby? Anything that puts me in a good mood is sure to put my baby in a good mood as well."
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"Got any pregnant women on your gift list this holiday season? If so, this might make a cool gift for her and her unborn baby. For years, women have been told about the benefits of playing music to developing babies in the womb. It’s like starting the baby’s education within the womb, as the music helps the wee one recognize and respond to different stimuli."
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"Lullabelly is a wonderful shower gift for an expectant mother, but don’t wait until the end of the mother’s pregnancy to give her this unique gift."
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"I have one and love it. The belt is so soft and my babies respond. I played them soft music and they calmed. Then I played them some rock music and they tensed up. I changed it because when they tense up, it's not too pleasant for me. Back to the soft music and I pictured them gently floating and sucking their little thumbs."
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cnet news

"Take the Lullabelly, the Buzz Report's Gadget of the Week. It's a prenatal music belt with a built-in speaker that will play music to your baby in the womb. An expectant mother puts an iPod, smartphone, CD player, etc., into the belt's compartment and plugs it in to play soothing music for her baby."
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"It's been proven that babies do hear and respond to noises in the womb and do enjoy an nice tune every now and then. For those parents that want to provide your child with some soothing tunes while still in the womb, the Lullabelly iPod speaker belt is just for you."
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"Are you a mom who wears headphones on your belly to help pass the time for your unborn child? Well, I have good news: "There's an app for that!" It's called iTunes, and you can pair it with the new Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt."
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Dallas Child

"My love for music began at an early age. For all you music-loving, soon-to-be-moms out there, you now have a stylish and comfortable way to instill a love for music in your baby long before birth. Lullabelly's Prenatal Music Belt is a modern way to safely and comfortably play music, lullabies, audio books or any recorded sounds to your baby in the womb."
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"Studies have shown that playing music to babies while they’re in the womb can prove beneficial to early childhood development. Rather than holding the speakers to your belly, however, try the Lullabelly prenatal belt. It’s a belt that wraps around your belly and can hook up to your iPod or iPhone to play music to your unborn baby."
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"Lullabelly is yet another thing I wish I had when I was pregnant 10 and 4 years ago. I literally put a portable speaker on my belly when I was pregnant with Sebastian 10 years ago. Unfortunately, that was about the last time I listened to music (not kids music) and read a book in the same day! As moms know, that just doesn’t happen after the baby arrives."
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As seen on Fox31 TV Denver


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