Lullabelly plays music in the womb
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  What Is Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

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Comfortable to wear Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

plug iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player into prenatal music belt

Play music in the womb

Safely play music in the womb

Playing music to a baby in the womb is nothing new. However, stretching bulky headphones across your belly only works when you hold them in place, and headphones can be too loud for a baby’s delicate ears. How is a mom-to-be able to share her love of music and bond with her baby over her favorite tunes?

Now there’s Lullabelly! The modern mom's way to play music to her baby in the womb.

The Lullabelly prenatal music belt can be used whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home. Lullabelly’s patented hands-free design is easy to use, fun and safe for both expectant mother and baby.

Lullabelly is ultra soft, adjustable, lightweight, machine washable, and very comfortable to wear over clothes or directly against your belly. The large pocket is ideal for carrying your portable music player or other small accessories.

Prenatal music stimulation should be used in moderation. Lullabelly utilizes safe sound level technology where the maximum volume level of the Lullabelly speaker is similar to a mother and father speaking or singing aloud to their baby in the womb. For added safety, the Lullabelly speaker has a volume control dial so, when using the sound splitter, mom or dad can separately control the volume level of their earphones and the volume of music playing for their baby.


  • Simply use the adjustable straps to comfortably secure Lullabelly around your waist (either secured behind the back or easily secured in front and twisted around). Be sure the Lullabelly speaker is facing inwards towards your belly ("This Side Towards Belly" will display on the garment tag).
  • Unzip the large front pocket to retrieve the audio plug and volume control dial, and plug the Lullabelly speaker into any portable music player.
  • Use the included audio splitter and earphones to listen along to the music. Simply plug the splitter into your portable music player, plug the Lullabelly speaker into one side of the splitter, and plug your earphones into the other side of the splitter.
  • Set the volume level on your portable music player, and then raise or lower the Lullabelly speaker with the built-in volume control dial.



  • Remove the Lullabelly speaker before washing. To remove the speaker, unzip the large front pocket and within the front pocket separate the hook & loop fastener to access the speaker and cord.



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