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  Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt Testimomials
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What people like you say about Lullabelly...

"Wife loves it! We have downloaded the classic rock lullabye music to start the baby off on the right foot!" - Todd - Victoria, TX

"I love my Lullabelly so much. The thought of trying to put headphones on my 6+ month pregnant stomach is a nightmare, but the Lullabelly is perfectly comfortable, and I have plenty of room to grow! I also love that I don't have to worry about how loud it is for my baby! We love to go walking and hiking while listening to music together and I'm just starting to use this as a wind down at night routine as well. Thank you! I'm recommending this to all of my mommy-to-be friends in the future!" - Jennifer - Denver, CO

"I just loved using my Lullabelly. I miss my big belly but of course having my baby on the other side of my belly button is even better. She sure does love music! I can tell it is so calming for her. I think it is because she heard it while in the womb. Keep up the great work!" - Stori - Denver, CO

"I absolutely love the Lullabelly. I put it on every evening. My husband and I have downloaded our favorite classical music to the iPod and as soon as I put it on the little baby starts kicking and playing around, it is our favorite time of night together. It is amazing to know that the baby can hear and take in everything that is going on. It is relaxing for me to put the headphones on and listen with the baby as I relax and enjoy the miracle inside of me. The product is wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone!" - Laura - Crown Point, IN

"My husband got me a Lullabelly for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Before I got it, I used headphones, but this is so much easier, and I can get up and walk around. I love being able to listen to the same music I’m playing for our little one." - Chloe - Houston, TX

"The only gift I got for my baby shower that I could use now, instead of waiting for my baby to be born. I love to listen to music, and now our baby will too. I’ve heard music is good for a baby in the womb, and Lullabelly makes it more fun." - Julie - Scottsdale, AZ

"Gentlemen, if your wife is pregnant, I highly recommend you get her a Lullabelly. I bought this for my wife, and we’ve been using it for a couple of months now. She absolutely loves using her Lullabelly. We’re truly amazed at how our baby is responding to the different types of music we play. We read that calming music is best, so we try to stick to relaxing music. My wife also loves the fact that she can listen along to the music with our baby, so it’s been great to see the joy on her face every time she uses it. She’s due in about three weeks, so we’re excited to see what music our baby recognizes, and what she likes best." - Dan - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"This is fabulous! I wish I would have thought of it. It ’s so cute, soft and comfy to wear. Oh, and playing music for me and little Charlie is great too." - Ranada - London, UK


"Love it! Love it! Love it! I only wish I had Lullabelly for my first baby. I got Lullabelly as a baby shower gift and it was the talk of the shower. Everyone kept giving me advice on what to play and we had fun downloading songs to my iPod and then playing them for little Anthony. It was truly amazing how he responded to the different songs. For some reason he seems to get fidgety at night when I want to relax, but I just play a few soft tunes and he instantly calms down in my belly. You can bet the next baby shower gift I buy for a friend will be a Lullabelly!" - Samantha - Vail, CO

"I’m 8 months pregnant, and talk to my belly and play music all the time. My husband thinks it’s silly to talk to my belly, so I asked him to read a short story and recorded his voice. I use Lullabelly to play it to our baby so he can hear his daddy’s voice too. Way cool. Thanks Lullabelly." - Candy - Houston, TX

"I got my Lullabelly as a baby shower gift, and loved it. Playing music was my way of relaxing at the end of my day. I was surprised to learn about all the education benefits of prenatal music and was very skeptical at first. I thought it would just be fun to play her music, but Stella is now 6 months old and she’s hitting all the advanced skills for a baby her age. I was delighted to see her smiling, lifting her head, imitating sounds, rolling over, starting to crawl, all before the milestones said she would. It really works! - Andrea - New York, NY

"Lullabelly is yet another thing I wish I had when I was pregnant 10 and 4 years ago. I literally put a portable speaker on my belly when I was pregnant with Sebastian 10 years ago. Unfortunately, that was about the last time I listened to music (not kids music) and read a book in the same day! As moms know, that just doesn’t happen after the baby arrives."- The Mommy Insider (read full review)

"My husband is stationed in Iraq and sends us recorded messages as email attachments. It’s such a treat that I can play his voice to our unborn baby girl. I put on my Lullabelly and plug in my earphones so we can both sit and listen to his voice messages. It’s an amazing experience, and I absolutely love that our little girl can hear his voice before she’s born, even though he can’t be here. Thank you so much!" - Anita - Orlando, FL

"I bought one for my wife as a gift and she loves it. She uses it every night while we’re sitting around watching TV and our baby seems to like the music a lot. We picture our baby dancing in there." - Dan - Chicago, IL


"Most original gift I ever received!" - JoAnn - Miami, FL


"When I was pregnant, I played the same songs on Lullabelly every night before I went to sleep now Josh relaxes and falls asleep when I play those songs in his crib." - Debbie - Concord, NC


"So soft! I just want to rub my belly all the time." - Robyn - San Francisco, CA


"I played language tapes to Lilly when I was pregnant and now at 11 months, she understands Italian words!" - Ruth - Boulder, CO


"I knew that playing music to my baby while pregnant was very beneficial, but Lullabelly made it more fun and convenient than any other thing on the market." - Tammy - Dallas, TX


"Since I got to choose the playlist, I feel Johnny and I have a special Dad-Son connection." - Tim - Portland, OR


"The best gift... I don't have to wait till my baby is born to use it." - Jill - Denver, CO


"Pure fun and enjoyment for me and my baby." - Betty - Phoenix, AZ


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