Lullabelly plays music in the womb
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  Is Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt Safe?

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Safely play music in the womb

Lullabelly is the safe, comfortable, and convenient alternative to holding headphones on your belly. By using Lullabelly, parents can create their baby’s playlist, AND listen along.

For most types of music or recordings, the maximum volume level of the Lullabelly speaker unit is similar to a mother and father speaking or singing aloud to their baby in the womb (see sound decibel chart). For added safety, the Lullabelly speaker has a volume control dial so, when using the sound splitter, mom or dad can separately control the volume level of their earphones and the volume of music playing for their baby.

Amniotic fluid surrounding a baby is a very good conductor of sound. It is not necessary to use surround sound speakers, or recommended to play excessively loud music for the baby.

Ultrasound observations show that the fetus hears and responds to a sound pulse starting around 16 weeks of age; even before the ear construction is complete. The cochlear structures of the ear appear to function by the 20th week and mature synapses have been found between the 24th and 28th weeks.

Lullabelly is recommended for use starting in the 3rd trimester, as this is the time period medical research indicates the baby's inner ears are fully developed and "active listening" begins. Suggested use of no more than one hour at a time and limited to two to three times per day - prenatal music stimulation should be practiced in moderation.


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